Hostel Trip

(NB: All photographs are mine, so don't steal any or i'mma cut you)

Haaai, so I consider myself a Hostel/Hostel II fangirl, and what better way to ~celebrate~ the films, than go to the actual filming locations and cry about how the film was made there. So I did!

I flew to Prague, then the next day I took the train to Cesky Krumlov. The signs had changed at Prague's main station, but I knew things were filmed on platform 2 because of the behind the scenes documentary. Go me~!

So I arrived in Cesky Krumlov by train. It was supposed to be two connecting trains, but it somehow ended up being three trains and two coaches, can't complain though, everything was so pretty outside.

The town was amazing. It was like a maze to walk around and all of the buildings were unique from one another.

The first location I decided to look at was around Latrán, which was super close to where the apartment I was staying in was. I totally noticed the pizzeria first.

Everything in that area looked SO similar, like nothing at all had changed. Not even the pizzeria signs. Amazing. And I know these two don't really count, but it's behind the scenes stuff, and that's also super relevant to my interests haha.

Next, I looked around the riverside, where they shot Paxton searching for Josh, and the bubblegum kids stealing his phone.

The little bridge thing at the end of the path was boarded up and held up by planks, so I couldn't go inside or anything like that.

And, on the way back out, I realised that the staircase was the one used as the entrance to the torture museum. I was beyond happy, because this was one of the location I couldn't work out where it was, and I came across it by accident! I also have no idea how they shot anything there because it's so tiny and steep! 

Also, obligatory photo of me at the location..

Next was just a random street where Paxton and Josh were walking around, looking for Óli.

Then the two of them at the top of a staircase, (which was right next to the church), and of course, another one me there too.

After that, I went to one of the best places, which was the torture museum, but on the way there, I noticed a couple things outside...

Still can't believe a town as beautiful as Cesky Krumlov has a torture museum, haha.

And here's four screenshots from the film, to explain the next photos.

It was amazing to see how many background items in these scenes are actually a part of the museum. I probably should have went more than once..

Next was the cloak bridge, which was used when the three guys first arrived in the town.

And now, the motherload of all my pictures from Cesky Krumlov...

And that's legit all the Hostel related places I could find in Cesky Krumlov. Don't think there's anymore... at least I hope not.

So then, I took the train (a taxi, three trains, two coaches and a private car) so the tiny, tiny, tiny town called Doksany. It was funny trying to explain why I wanted to visit a run down, pretty much abandoned sugar mill in the middle of no where to my driver.

The first place I visited there was an old monastery, that was used as the actual Hostel. Which is what I was most excited about. But when I got there, there were railings up, meaning I couldn't get close it, and it was full of builders taking it down. Sad times. But I didn't let that ruin anything..

Right next door was the old sugar mill, which was used as the exterior for where all the torturing happens in the film. And it's safe to say that is was my favourite place I visited on the whole trip.

It's sort of surrounded by small offices and security, but when I saw it, I got too excited and snuck myself inside.

I'm probably gonna get prints of everything and make a book about it to add to my already stupidly huge, but not huge enough Hostel collection which I'm gonna post riiiiight about noww; (currenly at 27 copies of Hostel and 17 of Hostel II)

And because I took a shit load of photos whilst away of non-Hostel related things, imma post a few under here to finish off this superfantastic blog.


  1. You are awesome!!!! Your pictures took me on your journey and I thank you for the experience. You are a #1 fan. I was scared for you in the factory not just getting caught but killed. You rock sick girl. I've seen you on the cript in the factory now I get it. You did such a great job with your photos!!! Thank you so much for sharing ; )

  2. I am a HUGE Hostel fan from New York! I even have a the hostel bloodhound tattoo.
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  3. What a labor of love this is! Amazing!

  4. Omygod!!!!! perfect... gotta follow through this